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Throughout his career the author has worked on Help Desk, as a Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Security Consultant, Security Officer, Security Solution Designer, an Ethical Hacker and as a Security Architect. Constantly seeking new challenges, the author has sought the most audacious opportunities to engage his creativity along with the most stimulating problems to solve.

However, despite his career providing him with access to software and hardware from some of the world's most significant technology companies, the author chooses to write most of his own software and construct his own appliances. This fills two needs. Primarily; whether by error or omission the world's most significant technology companies tend to provide inadequate or incomplete technological solutions (products) to meet the true requirements of non-enterprise consumers. Secondarily, though perhaps more interestingly, the author finds that these world leaders have forgotten how to innovate - that it's the bleary-eyed programmer with the vision who sets the stage for the technology market-place, and often years before the "products" catch up.

It is unfortunate, then, that the programmer seldom explains his software, let alone his reasoning or his motives.

The open source community is one way to make vision-driven technology possible. Massive public archives of fundamental building blocks useful for rapid assembly of any software-based technology is at everyone's disposal.

Peering through the grandeur, though, it takes courage and conviction for individual open source community members to publish their works and to expose themselves to their peers. Yet, without their contributions, the supporting, linking and extending works such as those published here, would not be possible.

It is with all of this in mind that the author concedes his hope; that by pouring his creativity into technology, and publishing his objectives, rationales and source code, that he may contribute to something greater than himself. This should also help to ensure that those who follow have no need to start-over, that the works here may be built upon and re-used in other projects in many new, creative and unforeseen ways.

"The greatest creation from my life has not yet passed; as I am not yet confronted with my end."
-- Ian Latter, January 2005.

The author's contact details are at the end of each published paper.