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Project Discontent  (Anger Meets Patience)

Rock Video :: To provide a four minute broadcast quality video clip for one song from the Discontent album, in the stop-motion animation format, utilising off-the-shelf PC equipment.

Project output should include a content mirror (DivX video online), a software mirror, and production documentation.

The angry rockers of Discontent produced their first CD in September 2005. In the spirit of fun and exploration, this project hopes to give the group their first video clip.

With much patience and some public software, such as Virtual Dub, stop-motion animation will be used to bring the band's lead singer, Ty Miller, to life as the AU$15.99 children's toy "Black Panther".

It is important to note that not one person involved in this project has any animation experience.

As at April 2, 2007 this project took a little turn. A little known fact is that I work in a building that is next to a building that was used to shoot the first Matrix movie (you can see it if you pause the helicopter crash scene at the end). In the foyer of this building is a very expensive model of it and the neighbouring buildings. For the past couple of years, that model has called - nay, begged - to have a Series Two falling Trinity set up on it. In 2007 dreams were made real when a dear friend heeded the call and purchased Trinity to take this fall. On the first business day after April 1, 2007, the trap was sprung while nervous cleaners attempted to alert disgruntled security staff.

Fortunately, like the movie, Trinity made an assisted get-away to safety. Discontent's lead vocalist and Midnight Code's software architect barely made it out of the Matrix before the hard line was cut.

Screen Shots:
The following screen shots show the software or hardware developed for this project, in action;

Panther, eager to rise ..

.. but frozen in time.

His anger defies patience ..

.. his will is to be free.

Exploding from his packaging ..

.. with attitude ..

.. intense attitude.

April Fools - Deviousness

April Fools - Movie shot

April Fools - Foyer shot

April Fools - Street shot

April Fools - Model shot

This project was initiated on Saturday, the 10th of September 2005. Its last recorded activity stamp is Monday, the 2nd of April 2007.

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