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Project Adrastea  (Jupiter, Generation 2)


Entertainment appliance :: To provide a non-technical and user-friendly TV-based media appliance capable of servicing most types of couch-delivered media.

Project output should include hardware component information, hardware assembly instructional documentation, software mirror, software installation documentation and operating documentation (if necessary).


Project Adrastea began when the release of the Raspberry PI 3B+ finally challenged the 10 year-old x86 Jupiter build. Unfortunately, without a hardware codec implementation for h265 and with insufficient CPU power to decode it in software, the 3B+ was tantalisingly close to, but still not ready for, prime-time. It was the Raspberry Pi 4B that finally introduced hardware decoding for both h264 and h265 making the Raspberry Pi a robust low power and passively cooled replacement for the old x86 HTPC.

Initially Adrastea leveraged the OpenElec Linux distribution, but it began to bloat so the LibreELEC distribution was used instead. The OS is written to a 64GB MicroSD card and all other storage is accessed via the gigabit network interface, as are any non-USB peripherals.

The LibreELEC Linux distribution includes FUSE but has a read-only SquashFS file-system and no package manager outside of the Kodi package management system. This page (below) includes a custom Kodi package that takes the openly published MooseFS ARM and x86 binaries and re-packages them for use in Kodi (particularly on LibreELEC) via the MooseFS Client service (service.moosefs.client).

To install the MooseFS Client package (service add-on) for Kodi v18 (Leia), ensure that the Kodi Add-ons setting "Enable Unknown Sources" is set, and scp the package zip file to the /tmp directory on the LibreELEC device. Then within Kodi Add-Ons choose "Install from zip file" and select the package zip by browsing the local file system to the uploaded file. Before configuring the add-on, be sure to create the mount-point (i.e. create the folder /storage/daphnis) in the File Manager first.

Screen Shots:

The following screen shots show the software or hardware developed for this project, in action;
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with heat-sink case for LibreELEC and Kodi
RPi 4B with heat-sink case
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with heat-sink case for LibreELEC and Kodi
RPi 4B with heat-sink case
LibreELEC Kodi v18+ MooseFS Client Add-on - Add-on Info Screen
Kodi MooseFS Client - Add-on Info
LibreELEC Kodi v18+ MooseFS Client Add-on - Settings Screen
Kodi MooseFS Client - Settings
LibreELEC Kodi v18+ MooseFS Client Add-on - What's New Screen
Kodi MooseFS Client - What's New
LibreELEC Kodi v18+ MooseFS Client Add-on
Kodi Add-on Service MooseFS Client


The following code (source, binaries, patches, etc) have been developed or mirrored for this project;


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This project was initiated on Wednesday, the 28th of December 2016. Its last recorded activity stamp is Friday, the 31st of July 2020.