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Project Tank  (Arduino Tank)


AI Development Platform :: An affordable platform to test situational mapping, location awareness and multi-agent co-operative tasking strategies.


Screen Shots:

The following screen shots show the software or hardware developed for this project, in action;
Arduino Tank.
Arduino Tank
Arduino Tank with its sensor board off.
Sensor board off
Arduino Tank sensor board.
Sensor board
Arduino Tank sensor board umbilical link.
Sensor umbilical
Arduino Tank under the Xbee radio board.
Under the radio
Arduino Tank custom step counter.
Photo counter
Arduino Tank spare space on main deck.
Space for counter
Arduino Tank strut for photo interrupters.
Counter strut
Arduino Tank with interrupter on strut.
Photo interrupter
Arduino Tank with sufficient clearance.
Sufficient clearance
Arduino Tank with counter installed.
Arduino Tank
Arduino Tank inside space is well used.
Inside the Tank


The following code (source, binaries, patches, etc) have been developed or mirrored for this project;


This project was initiated on Sunday, the 4th of December 2011. Its last recorded activity stamp is Monday, the 30th of April 2012.