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Project HAC Rack  (COTS Compute Housing)


Model for racking common off-the-shelf (COTS) compute nodes :: To massively improve racking density of x86 compute nodes compared to PC cases in 42RU rack shelves, to cater for multiple x86 ATX-based form factors, to allow for in-line maintenance, to be constructed from commodity parts.


Screen Shots:

The following screen shots show the software or hardware developed for this project, in action;
HAC Rack parts - All available from JayCar and Bunnings.
What you need
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket parts.
ATX bay bracket parts
HAC Rack insert metal elbows into heat-shrink sleeve
Heat-shrink sleeve
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket with sleeve.
To the elbow
HAC Rack heat the heat-shrink.
Heat heat-shrink
HAC Rack drill ATX Hole-C into bay bracket.
Drill Hole-C
HAC Rack take a PCB stand-off.
Use stand-off
HAC Rack cut unwanted piece from stand-off.
And cut
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket ready to assemble.
Assemble bracket
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket completed.
Completed bracket
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket front.
Bracket front
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket rear.
Bracket rear
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket with motherboard.
Motherboard bottom
HAC Rack ATX bay bracket with motherboard.
Motherboard hole-c
HAC Rack make a shorter bracket foot.
Shorter bracket foot
HAC Rack use tin snips to cut metal foot.
Snip metal
HAC Rack short ATX bay bracket foot.
Short bracket foot
HAC Rack JayCar shelf and Bunnings seal.
Shelf parts
HAC Rack self-adhesive grooved door seal.
Grooved seal
HAC Rack cut ATX bay runner to length.
Cut to length
HAC Rack completed shelf.
Completed shelf
HAC Rack shelf with one ATX bay screw.
Shelf with screw
HAC Rack with one populated ATX bay.
Populated bay
HAC Rack board support close up.
Support close-up
HAC Rack board clearance close up.
Clearance close-up
HAC Rack shelf with one ATX bay bracket.
Shelf with bracket
HAC Rack with populated ATX bay inc power.
Populated bay


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This project was initiated on Sunday, the 18th of September 2011. Its last recorded activity stamp is Thursday, the 3rd of May 2012.